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E-Commerce In The News – June 2018

E-Commerce in The News: June 2018




A round-up of the latest and greatest in E-Commerce, VAT and Online Selling


Top news story:

VAT: Brexit’s Hidden Border Dilemma

By Chris Giles

Chris Giles the economic editor for the financial times investigates the impact of Brexit on the UK and what leaving the EU looks like for VAT. Giles looks at the European Customs Union and the effect on businesses in the UK. All round an interesting look at the potential implications surrounding VAT if we leave the EU


Amazon Is Notorious for Disrupting Industries – Now Its Eyeing Entire Countries

By Jacob Sonenshine

Business Insider looks at how Amazon is disrupting business and having a huge impact on markets. According to research Published by Morgan Stanley, Amazon is disrupting economies, especially in emerging markets such as India and Latin America.


Amazon, eBay and Fruugo First to Sign HMRC Agreement

By Julia Irvine

Only three marketplaces have signed up to the HMRC VAT compliance agreement since April. The agreement aims to build collaborative relationships


All You Need to Know About VAT When Selling Online Internationally

By Tamebay

As part of a 10-part video series, Intercultural Elements brings the latest video on VAT.



Your E-Commerce Platform Questions Answered

By Emily Alford

E-Commerce is expected to become a 4 trillion-dollar Global industry by 2020 and as E-Commerce platforms see unprecedented growth, the choice on which one to use is perplexing.


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