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Webinar: VAT Rules For Retailers Selling Into The EU

About This Webinar

Is your ecommerce business following all the right VAT rules when selling into the EU?

Understanding your VAT obligations as an ecommerce retailer can be complicated and confusing. Failing to meet these obligations can land you in serious trouble – from facing some large fines to having your retail business shut down all together.

We are joining Veeqo to host a webinar masterclass, to tell you all about how to ensure you are tax compliant when selling into the EU – and why it’s important.

Register for free now to give your business the best chance of success, expand your global reach and avoid unnecessary financial penalties!

In 45 mins, you’ll learn…

  • ♦ Specific VAT rules all retailers need to know when selling into 7 EU coutries
  • ♦ Making sure your ecommerce business is tax compliant for trading across Europe
  • ♦ VAT best practices to avoid penalties or restrictions


Tuesday May 30th | 4pm GMT, 11am ET, 8am PT